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Today we spoke about book bingo and how to write a review on a blog like this. I am interested to know what is your favourite genre of writing and why?
9/10/2012 02:32:35 am

My favourite genre of writting is poetry. I love the way it sounds. I think it sounds smooth and it is easy to read.

Liam M.
9/10/2012 07:10:55 am

My favourite genre of writing is action and fantasy, for it is easy to captivate the reader with an exciting adventure. I find that if I use short quick sentences and if I usethe present tence, it moves the story faster, e.g.
I run through the woods. I stumble. I fall to the ground. I scamble to my feet only to find something waiting for me. Only after did I realize it was Death.

15/10/2012 04:15:20 am

My favourite genre is probably autobiography. I like hearing about other peoples lifes, but only if they're interesting. :)
Other wise, I like action and adventure because if its really good, you wont be stuck for what book to read

29/10/2012 09:26:48 pm

My favorite genre is defiantly fantasy. I love to use my imagination when I read fantasy because it's like being to different worlds. Fantasy is exciting to read and sometimes you can't put down the book!

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