So how are we getting on with our Haiku compositions? It's harder than you think, isn't it?
Here are some guidelines in case you get stuck.
Make Basho proud folks.
23/10/2012 17:25:33

leaves falling from trees
the glistening colors thrive
rain falls from the sky

im abit stuck on the haiku

23/10/2012 17:29:43

the ice-cream and cone
lying on the sandy beach
screams of joy all round

23/10/2012 17:37:45

the sun shines brightly
beaming down warming the world
baby lambs arrive

23/10/2012 17:39:24

children are happy
playing in the snow all day
the fire gives us warmth

Jack Merriman
23/10/2012 17:44:32

Scorching, humid sun
of summer splits many stones
Blue lakes lost to drought

Bright, golden leaves fall
Squirrels bury brown chestnuts
Bears enter slumber

Earths pale, white blanket
Begins cooling the planet
Heaters turning on

Bright daffodils bloom
Offspring of animals born
Happiness returns.

Thanks for editing tips Mr. Finucane. They helped me make this better than it was.

Heather M
23/10/2012 18:00:32

The sun splits the rocks
people sunbath on the beach
ice cream is dripping

Now that summers gone
the leaves begin to change hue
the trees are now bare

The wind howls in
the trees; snow falls off your boots
we breath in the frost

Yellow flowers bloom
many lambs and foals are born
the years going by

23/10/2012 18:26:18


Unbearable heat
School bells will chime soon, and a
Sea breeze awaits me

23/10/2012 18:47:58

Cold ground is melting
Baby lambs breath for first time
People are happy.

Kids scream with delight
Beaches are full with people
Ice-cream drips from cones.

A rainbow of colour
Crunching and cracking under feet
Covering the ground.

Fires being lit
Children unwrapping presents
Shouted with delight.

Liam M.
23/10/2012 18:48:35

Ice cream drips from cones...
High tide washes my lonely
Sandcastle away.

Horse gallops in fields...
Ducklings' eyes search frantically
For their guardians.

Crumpled leaves fall down...
People sit at open fire
while cooking popcorn.

Fires are made for warmth
Smoke billows from chimneys while
Trees shiver with ice.

andrew k
23/10/2012 18:54:03

it is a blanket
of snow , everlasting with
life and endless joy

it's melting icecream
as the waves go crashing down
my feet touch the sand

as leaves blossom and
grow the whole world turns to life
the relaxing sounds

leaves plumet towards
earth and its beauty and charms
to be turned to dust

23/10/2012 19:06:29

The sun has settled
Putting out our bodies fire
Lambs advance in life

Snow blankets the grass
As we cover ourselves now
Our body fire starts

23/10/2012 19:08:55

Spring has now arrived
And so have small baby lambs
They begin their time

Leaves glide in the air
Like swans glide in the water
They both move calmly

kim o'hare
23/10/2012 19:32:06

I am really enjoying learning haiku in class

Splashing in puddles,
Snowflakes landing on my nose,
Gifts under the tree.

Bare feet on hot sand,
ice-cream dripping from sweet cone.
waves crashing on shoreline.

Red and orange ground,
The crunching sound of the leaves.
Bare trees and dark nights.

Pink buds blosssoming,
Spring lambs leaping in the fields.
Easter eggs to eat.

Marlon Kearns
23/10/2012 19:54:47

New lambs being born
Saplings being planted on
Beautiful gardens

Animals sleeping
Brittle leaves running away
Fresh wind is blowing

Frost in the morning
Snowflakes in mid-day
Hot fire at late night

Cold waves and hot sand
The burning sun melting ice-cream
Throwing coats away

Anna von.C
23/10/2012 21:13:04

White bear sleeps in snow
cloaked by a silky cloud
the world slumbers

Water dripps from ice
slowly rousing the country
young open their eyes

Orb rises through sky
sunlight splashes through the trees
making gold appear

Leaves twist in the wind
Red,orange, gold explodes
the last days of light.

Zach L
23/10/2012 21:20:08

Sand sprinkled the beach
Waves crash on the sandy shore
Blue water glistens.

Snowflakes are around
They appear when winter comes
Making white blankets.

Lambs play all around
Flowers growing up and up
Children are laughing.

Leaves land on the ground
Days shorten all around us
People gather leaves

23/10/2012 21:53:39

here is my seasonal haiku

winter by the pond
is different to summer trees
were did the frogs go ?

Autumn with my boots
leaves are falling on my head
my coat keeps me warm

beautiful summer
seagulls soaring at the beach
waves crashing loudly

everyone loves spring
lambs are hopping up and down
newborn embrace world

23/10/2012 23:01:38

Hiding in tall grass
Young fern unfurls bright leaves
Kindling its new life

In blue, sunlit sky
Pale seagulls glide through thick air
Over hot city

Chestnut brown squirrel
Curls up to sleep through harsh frost
As maroon leaves die

Chilling snowflakes fly
Tawny cat watches blizzard
From beside warm fire

luke r
24/10/2012 15:07:49

leaves are elegant
they start to grow but now gone
from their lonely old tree

snow is on the ground
freezing temperatures come again
leaving water to freeze

leaves are back again
with there beautiful colours
from blossom to leaves

sitting on the beach
when its the suns hottest time
hearing the big waves

Ethan Z
24/10/2012 17:03:45

The sun beating down
from sky, constant drips of nice
freezing cold water.

A time between cold
and hot, kids snack and chat
away until bell

glitter falls from sky,
bears yawn then fall in
quiet peaceful sleep

colorful tiny
paintings float down, thousands of
mountains then appear.

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