The Visitor


The Visitor

Sliding in slippers along the house-side
You find fragments of the turkey’s carcass
Beneath the toppled dustbin lid. And there
On the lawn's snow quilt, a line of paw marks.
Town fox, that wraith of winter, soundlessly
Thieved here as frost bit hard and stars shivered.
This bleak morning, under a raw-boned sky
You stoop to examine the frozen tracks
And print yours where a spectral guest came late to share a Christmas dinner. From the
Gable-end a starved wind razors and
From the split gutters icicles hang like fangs.

Q1. What, do you think, is the message in the poem?

Q2. What words/images best capture the harshness of winter?

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24/10/2012 16:08:45

that winter is not the best time of the year for everything because wild animals suffer

24/10/2012 16:09:32

From the
Gable-end a starved wind razors and
From the split gutters icicles hang like fangs.

Marlon Kearns
24/10/2012 17:56:46

I love this poem but I think the title could improve and capture the eye of more people.
The Blog is amazing.

Marlon Kearns
24/10/2012 18:00:27

I especially love the line

From the split gutters icicles hang like fangs.

Heather M
24/10/2012 20:08:53

Who is the poet?

Mr Finucane
26/10/2012 15:19:52

Wes McGee

Josh Doddrell
24/10/2012 20:39:29

Q1: How harsh winter is for wild animals and how we can be safe and warm inside our homes however starved animals are freezing and have to eat whatever hint of food they find

Q2: An image that describes the harshness of winter is a picture of Antarctica with a blizzard raging through the snow.
This world capture the freezing cold that,in winter , we dont feel as we are indoors but how wild animals would feel it every moment of everyday

kim o'hare
24/10/2012 21:02:24

I really love this poem. I like the image it puts in my head.

19/11/2012 09:23:26

I love the nature of the poem amd how the persona first gets angry at the foxes and then feels sorry for them and then hes happy that he shared his christmas dinner with the starving foxes

Anna v.C
19/11/2012 09:25:19

I love this poem!!
Especially the line 'On the lawns snow quilt,a line of paw marks'

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