Hi guys, I just recieved a tantalising offer for you you all to enter a fantasy writing competition.  Want to win a tablet PC, meet a top Irish literary agent, i-pod touches or a class pack of fantasy novels?? See link below.
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Jack Merriman
9/10/2012 01:23:40 am

I will be entering! :)

15/10/2012 04:10:04 am

I'll enter too. :)

andrew k
14/10/2012 05:17:27 am

i wish to enter mr f

16/10/2012 05:40:15 am

sounds good

Mr Finucane
16/10/2012 06:58:50 am

Thanks to the four of you for responding via the blog. I can but try to motivate the troops!!

Josh D
21/10/2012 06:26:06 pm

I'll have a go =D

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