We (I mean I of course) are a little out of touch with all of the new media concepts and technology available to you younger digital natives these days. The English department needs your help!
I would like you to have a look at the word document below, where I have put down some technical vocabulary (as much as I know anyway) such as new buzz words like 'tweeting' and 'bebo generation'. I'm sure that you all know lots of media and technology jargon that I don't (I feel like a dinosaur!). Could you post a new word to the blog (MAKE SURE IT IS RELEVANT TO MEDIA STUDIES PLEASE) and give a quick explanation as to what on Earth you are talking about. Images and diagrams will get extra marks in the continuous assessment. Remember, please ensure accurate grammar and spelling online. We are being watched......
p.s. I hope to create a 'dictionary' of important media studies jargon. Your help is much appreciated.

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Mr. Finucane
18/1/2013 13:02:41

My starting list will appear here very soon....

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