Book Review



Genre: Adventure
Author: SophieMckenzie

Lauren has been wondering about her life before she was adopted . When she finds an old website advertising missing children, she spots a face that she recognises. Lauren is determined to find her biological parents and find out if she was that girl in the ad and why is she listed as missing if she was adopted? Why isn't anyone answering her questions? The story starts off in England but as Lauren enrolls on her adventure she ends up in America searching for her parents. Lauren's best friend James helps her on her adventure and his mom Carla. Carla uses hypnotherapy to help Lauren remember her past but all Lauren can remember is being on the beach with a lady she presumes is her biological mother. As Lauren gets closer to finding out all the secrets that have been kept from her her whole life the flashback of being on the beach makes more sense. The more Lauren finds out the more danger she is in.

Lauren Matthews (Martha-Lauren Purditt) is the protagonist in this story. Lauren is fourteen years old and has brown hair and blue eyes. She lives with her adoptive mom and dad, Mr and Mrs Matthews. She also has an adoptive brother named Rory Matthews. They all live together in England. Lauren is a friendly, likeable girl. I find her a very realistic and believable character along with all the other characters. My favourite character in this story is either Lauren or her best friend James (Jam). I find them both humorous and realistic. I could imagine both of them as real people. My least favourite character is Sonia Holtwood. I dislike her the most because she is a very cruel character only caring about herself even though she a very clever well thought out character. 

I really enjoyed this book all though I thought I wouldn't. This book really intrested me. It is a romance and adventure all in one. It is a very fast paced book, I couldn't seem to put it down. It is an addictive read with an engrossing plot. I really liked the style of the story and the way it was written. It is probably my favourite book to read and i could read it many times and it would never get boring. The adventure starts from the first page and doesn't end until the last.  Overall, this was an absolute brilliant story and was very well thought out. 

I would recommend this book to anyone from ten to fifteen years old. I would recommend it for boys and girls. This book is suitable for anyone who loves adventure. It is such an enthralling book, full of excitement, you really don't know what will happen next! If you like exciting adventures you will definitely love this book.

I would give this excellent book a 5/5! 

Ella Caird