The Visitor


The Visitor

Sliding in slippers along the house-side
You find fragments of the turkey’s carcass
Beneath the toppled dustbin lid. And there
On the lawn's snow quilt, a line of paw marks.
Town fox, that wraith of winter, soundlessly
Thieved here as frost bit hard and stars shivered.
This bleak morning, under a raw-boned sky
You stoop to examine the frozen tracks
And print yours where a spectral guest came late to share a Christmas dinner. From the
Gable-end a starved wind razors and
From the split gutters icicles hang like fangs.

Q1. What, do you think, is the message in the poem?

Q2. What words/images best capture the harshness of winter?

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So how are we getting on with our Haiku compositions? It's harder than you think, isn't it?
Here are some guidelines in case you get stuck.
Make Basho proud folks.

Metaphor poems


Please submit your metaphor poems here. I would love to see you commenting on each others work. The best of the best will be forwarded to Ms Howard for publication. Also, please do NOT leave your email addresses on this site; there's no need. All I want is your first name and first initial of surname. Thanks to those who have posted. Also, please be extra careful with your punctuation...we are an English blog after all...ha ha.
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Christopher Hitchens recites Wilfred Owen's WW1 poem 'Dulce et decorum est'.
I look forward to reading your comments....

October 10th, 2012


Remember to vote on the theme for the next poem we examine in class. Thanks to those who have already voted. Also. let me know if you wish to enter the fantasy writing competition. So far I have ONE entry...thank you Jack.
Hi guys, I just recieved a tantalising offer for you you all to enter a fantasy writing competition.  Want to win a tablet PC, meet a top Irish literary agent, i-pod touches or a class pack of fantasy novels?? See link below.
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Here is a short ten minute documentary on the life of Bruce Ismay, the persona in Derek Mahon's poem 'After the Titanic'. Feel free to leave a comment...
Do you like this short film that recites Mahon's poem 'After the Titanic'?
What do you think works particularly well?
If you were asked to recommend changes or additions, what changes or additions would you make?
Do you know how to use movie maker? If so, would you like an assignment to make a film from a poem?

Quick question...


Today we spoke about book bingo and how to write a review on a blog like this. I am interested to know what is your favourite genre of writing and why?