Do you like this short film that recites Mahon's poem 'After the Titanic'?
What do you think works particularly well?
If you were asked to recommend changes or additions, what changes or additions would you make?
Do you know how to use movie maker? If so, would you like an assignment to make a film from a poem?
Liam M.
9/10/2012 02:07:56 am

I think the man's voice suits the poem very well. But,I think the video itself does not match the poem. It was showing a blue sky, and I would change that to a cloudy day.

22/10/2012 06:02:19 am


andrew k
14/10/2012 05:23:14 am

i think liam is right about how it was sunny but also i think it shows how depressed he is on a sunny day

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